Handling product and brand
Hall garment knitwear

Introduction of shop

What will really beautiful knitwear be?
What is good true comfort?
It is this knit to have arrived in pursuit of ideal wear.

Because we knit out of hall garment side knitting machine three-dimensionally,
An unprecedented free feeling of fitting and silhouette are provided.

Please try our knit by all means.

Friday, March 30 reopening

News of winning the good design prize

NUONE (NUONE), We won good design prize in 2017!
Package of washing net which practical use-like, was rich in design origin (does not sew = not to sew), three-dimensional impression to be dressed in good-quality material, skin directly of brand naming was evaluated, and it was receiving a prize.
In addition, announce design system of hall garment ® of NUONE from SHIMA SEIKI MFG.,; won.
Please come to see this splendid Japanese technique!
※WHOLEGARMENT and hall garment are registered trademarks of SHIMA SEIKI MFG. Ltd.

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