Reward card

We just enroll and are raising ISP reward cards

Nice features of six ISP reward cards

1 enrollment fee, annual convention costs for free!
If it is one 15 years or older, anyone can enroll.
Enrollment fee, annual convention costs are free. We issue card on the spot if you can fill in matter necessary for application.
It is 1 point every 2 100 yen (tax-excluded) 
It is 1 point every use 100 yen (tax-excluded) such as shopping, meal in ISP. In the case of the use, please show card before the check at cash register.
※There is some exclusion product, store. For more details, please refer in store or ISP reward card service counter.
We trade with shopping ticket every 3 500 points
We can trade with "ISP shopping ticket" of 500 yen equivalency every 500 points.
We heard shopping ticket and exchange of point in ISP reward card service counter.
We point at the time of payment by 4 credit cards and present
Let alone payment with cash, gift certificate, we present point at the time of the use of credit card.
We point even use of 5 parking lots and add
In the case of the use, we present 1 point every 100 yen (tax-excluded) about payment of parking rate by cash, credit card by cars at parking lot of ISP.
There are a lot of privileges only for 6 members, too.
(1)There are a lot of privileges such as point up or good bargain plan only for member.
(2)We are going to carry out member-limited all the buildings point up including the above four times a year.
(3)Every Friday, we carry out food point double D.

Original service of each more advantageous specialty store!

Ikebukuro Shopping Park ISP reward card common in all facilities.
Furthermore, each specialty store is original reward card and original service and looks forward to visit of customer.