Event & discount information

5 facility combination near re-walk-in campaign now being held

(2018/09/21 update)

Period From Friday, September 21 to 30th Sunday

Ikebukuro, Akabane, Itabashi 5 facility is congruent
Near re-walk-in campaign now being held!

When, during period, we do walk-in for the first time in target facility,
We get near RICO in 50 inn!

Even person of walk-in finished is already increasing coin!
Please come to the store.

<with NEARLY (near re-)>
We make shopping in imminent facility advantageous more happily
It is smartphone app. (free)
The latest information of Ikebukuro Shopping Park is seen in a mass, too.

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

[Harenohi from tree thread soil] All ISP foundation celebration sale second autumn clothes article 20% OFF!

(2018/09/19 update)

We are holding all clothes article 20% OFF sales as the ISP foundation celebration sale second in autumn in Harenohi!
Autumn clothes to be able to wear include new item and become easy to buy at all from now on with all article 20% OFF.
Please get during now when cool days gradually increased!

[Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza] Potato direct sale society now being held!

(2018/09/15 update)

Period From Saturday, September 15

In Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza Ikebukuro store,
We are holding potato direct sale party of Setana-cho, Hokkaido <the nana beauty>!

In autumn of crop, we send exceptional taste from Setana-cho, Hokkaido.
Please come to the store.

※When the arrival is late in weather and the crop situation, there is when kind changes again.
※For more details, ask the store staff.

[3COINS] News of "heroine thigh color coins Z of suriko" sale

(2018/09/14 update)

Period Saturday, September 15 ...

Memorialize the best album release of the tenth anniversary of Momoiro Clover Z,
3COINS and collaboration item of Momoclo release on Saturday, September 15!

Collaboration with Momoclo and 3COINS of member
Pop design which a lot of handwriting illustrations were at a loss for.
We pay attention to goods name with the lyrics as motif!
As for the slightly strange item name in connection with musical piece
Please check

So that as it becomes the end as soon as we disappear, visit hastens by all means!

[Flo Prestige] We start on September 18 in the second on birth Thanksgiving Day!

(2018/09/14 update)

Period From Tuesday, September 18 to 30th Sunday

Flo Prestige is the 28th anniversary in this year!
We hold the second on birth Thanksgiving Day when we put feeling of thanks for everyday patronage‼

Every 1,000 yen including check amount of money tax during period,
We hit by all means! It is challenged "Mel sea lottery" once

By grand prize, five hall cake or tart you like is free!
Chance when advantageous coupons are without loser♪
Please come to the store during period.

※Exchange of present until Sunday, November 18

[Motomachi POMPADOUR] News of new product of September

(2018/09/10 update)

From Wednesday, September 12

12th is sale date of "new product" every month!
We introduce new product of POMPADOUR September‼

■Yuzu citrus pepper pizza 313 yen of double chicken
Is double in steamed chicken and kanshinteri ri grill chicken without any regret; topping.
It is pizza of Mayo sauce which let Yuzu citrus pepper work.

■Sesame dumplings 140 yen of purple potato
Sesame dumplings-style doughnut which we wrapped purple potato bean jam and produced sesame and fried. We installed candied deep red Azuma in the center.

■Sweet potato & orange 691 yen (1/2: 345 yen)
It is bread of refreshing sweetness that we roll up candied sweet potato and orange with skin and baked.

■Pumpkin melonpan 172 yen
It is melonpan which put cookies of flavor of pumpkin on tender bread softly which we kneaded pumpkin into.

※Price is all tax-included price.
※Image is image.

[KALDI COFFEE FARM] It releases drip coffee & original pouch set from Friday, September 14!

(2018/09/10 update)

Sale date: Friday, September 14

Release limited number of product which bundled original pouch with drip coffee of Halloween blend from KALDI COFFEE FARM!

Drip coffee of Halloween-limited package can enjoy deep roasting and taste of *iri ri two kinds.
It is good to Halloween present to person who does not like sweets♪

Price: 1,100 yen (tax-included)

※Limited number of; is finished as soon as disappear
※For more details, ask the store staff.

[MOCHIKICHI] Thank you, it is the 89th anniversary! It is held than MOCHIKICHI foundation celebration September 19

(2018/09/09 update)

Period from Wednesday, September 19 to 23rd Sunday

Thank you, MOCHIKICHI is the 89th anniversary of the foundation!
We appreciate everyday patronage and hold "MOCHIKICHI foundation celebration".

During period, hail, rice cracker bag is 20% off!
Furthermore, period, amount sells founding thanks can [feeling stack] which assorted popular item on a qualified scale!

Founding thanks can [feeling stack] makes reservation from Wednesday, September 5.
●Founding thanks can [feeling stack] (small can, six kinds 31 bags) 1,350 yen (tax-included)
We present novelty of MOCHIKICHI original to customer of early reservation by the first arrival!
Please make a reservation early.

※As for the bag 20% discount, we are not intended for refilling pack, can thing, box thing, rice, soft fresh sweets, rice cake, musembetsu, kyujo (is broken), rice cake product, cold storage, frozen product, refreshing water, tea, liquor not to get.
※Forgive on out of stock.
※For more details, ask the store staff.

[Mr. doughnut] Halloween doughnut 2018

(2018/09/07 update)

From Friday, September 7

Of Mr. doughnut
Halloween-limited doughnut comes up this year.
Usual doughnut transform themselves into "Miss demi Ylla" this year.

masukudo Gen torr 183 yen of blackjack lantern doughnut
masukudo lady 183 yen of blackjack lantern doughnut
It is why Toni - 162 yen of de mummy pop 
apurun 162 yen of apple & whip mummy
maroron 162 yen of chocolate marron mummy
Doughnut 162 yen during # recruitment of outstanding names of tea stick mummy

We offer advantageous set which can choose two from one +162 yen product than 183 yen product.
■Three Miss demi Ylla de boxes set 500 yen

※Box is the end as soon as we disappear.
※It may be out of stock by time.
※Set content varies according to shops.
※Price is all tax-included.

[Asics walking] We introduce leather shoes "orchid walk" to be able to run

(2018/09/06 update)

Technology that Asics cultivated so far,
In leather shoes for business.

"supiba" superior in material "GEL" and repulsion characteristics to moderate shock,
Functions such as "osoraito insoles" to make cushion characteristics,
We overturn common sense of conventional leather shoes.

In addition, not only functionality but also superior design is attractive one.
From variations a variety of from formal to thing of casual
You can choose.

Is free by Asics walking; from last measurement to foot of customer
We show around shoes which fitted.

Please drop in casually!

The left: WR824S 24,500+ yen tax
  300 rain Forest
  SIZE24 .5-27.5㎝
The right: WR824S 24,500+ yen tax
  61 brown
  SIZE24 .0-28.0㎝

Three months continuation! LINE@ friend registration campaign

(2018/09/01 update)

Period From Saturday, September 1 to Friday, November 30

We send latest & discount information of ISP in LINE!
We are holding LINE @ friend registration campaign now

For the three months of September, October, November running, it is lottery from friend
Chance when for ISP shopping ticket 3,000 yen is to for each 50 people a month!

At first friend registers ISP! We wait for lottery day afterward♪

※Registered one comes to already apply to friend.
※On lottery day, it is Monday, October 1, Thursday, November 1, Saturday, December 1.

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

[Harenohi from tree thread soil] 50 ISP foundation celebration sale first ladies' bag-limited 1,500 yen is uniform

(2018/09/01 update)

We offered various plans as well as article of advertisement in Harenohi during period of ISP foundation celebration.

For the first,
1,500 yen is uniform with 50 ladies' bag-limited!
Photograph was an example, but offered various bags.
As it is 50 limitation, please drop in early when you are in the neighborhood.

As you tell after the second, please check.

[Asics walking ISP shop-limited] Semi-order insole 20% OFF (new Tadashi-limited)

(2018/09/01 update)

Period Until from Saturday, September 1 to 30th Sunday

To shoes in the one of subscribing by measurement and T card new during period you want
20% of semi-order insole making becomes OFF.

Trial is possible for approximately ten minutes at making time, too.
Fitted more; wear, and do not make feeling casually?

Please come to the store at this opportunity.

ISP foundation celebration

(2018/08/30 update)

Period From Saturday, September 1 to 30th Sunday

Thank you, ISP is the 54th anniversary!
We appreciate everyday patronage hold "foundation celebration"♪

Foundation celebration-limited good bargain product and fun bag,
Pleasure including local noumaimon special event is various!
Please come to the store.

The first Lucky fair
[from Saturday, September 1 to 24th (month, shin)]
It is advantageous and does shopping with Lucky coupon!
In foundation celebration flyer distributing in shop,
"Lucky coupon" which is available in ISP all the stores is attached♪

The second haberdashery ISP point 5 times
[from Tuesday, September 25 to 30th Sunday]

※Flyer with coupon becomes the end as soon as we disappear. Forgive.
※Public lottery, cash voucher shop is the outside targeted for coupon point up.

Look at detailed information than the following.
→Detailed information is this

[tea BAR] Seasonally limited "Earl Grey" - Earl Grey X citrus fruit fruit ...

(2018/08/10 update)

Sale period: From Saturday, August 11 to Sunday, September 30

As for the flavor tea "Earl Grey which blended bergamot," sour-sweetness of citrus fruit and refreshing flavor get wide.
Is feeling not relaxed in cool taste, too?

[product] (hot OK/ sweetness adjustment OK/ takeout OK)
・Earl Grey tea latte 400 yen
・Fruit bubble tea Earl Grey tea (orange pink grapefruit) 400 yen
・Lemon cheese cream Earl Grey tea latte (with flesh) 440 yen
・Earl Grey tea straight bubble tea 360 yen

※Price is all tax-included price.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
※We sell and may be finished depending on stock early.
※Seeds of citrus fruit fruit may get mixed.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

[period-limited special event] Specialty store "kiseko" of coating of smartphone opens for a limited time

(2018/07/23 update)

Period Until Thursday, September 13
Place: South hall rest space

In original technique smartphone and tablet
"kiseko" to coat opens in ISP for a limited time.

We coat the whole smartphone with 10-15 minutes,
We interfere with damaging.

Please try "miraculous coating" at this opportunity.

Rate: 4,000 yen ... has a lot, and please contact the staff.

We sign on periodical parking on normal car weekdays for a limited time and campaign

(2018/03/09 update)

The end of from April, 2018 to March, 2019

During the period mentioned above,
Parking (we can park for 24 hours only on weekdays) usually periodical on car weekdays
When we have you contract newly more than three months,
What and monthly basis (tax-included) 40,000 yen
Ten the first limits.
We are accepting now!

For more details, to parking lot office 03(3982) 2116
Please refer.

News of maximum rate system

(2017/11/01 update)

More than weekdays five hours until up to 12 hours,
You can park
for 3,080 yen uniformly.

<< in the use careful >>
・We assume rate until October, 2018 for a limited time and may change without notice.
・With other services and coupons including partner shop discount cannot use together.
・Application of maximum rate assumes limit by one parking once (we exclude motorcycle).
・We assume rate free of charge at time until up to 12 hours more than five hours on weekdays.
・We assume exclusion on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and our designation day (5/1, 2, 8/13 -17).
・When we step over excluded day, parking is limited on target day (leaving a shed excludes on target day).
※For more details, please refer to parking lot office 03(3982) 2116.

We sign on motorcycle commuter pass parking for a limited time and campaign

(2017/09/22 update)

From October, 2017 to the end of September, 2018

When, during the period mentioned above, we have you contract motorcycle commuter pass parking more than three months
What and monthly basis (tax-included) 10,000 yen!

※Ten the first limits. For more details, please refer to parking lot office 03(3982) 2116.

We make a reservation from Friday, September 22, 2017 and accept and start.
Please contract at this opportunity.
※If you like, you fill out application, and bring to parking lot office.


With ISP reward card newcomer meeting campaign


Period Until February, 2019

With ISP reward card newcomer meeting campaign
As for ISP reward card, enrollment fee, annual convention costs are free,
It is advantageous card which is available from the day when we made.

To customer who just had you enroll,
200 yen coupon present which is available in ISP all the stores‼

Please use.

※Customer who has had you enroll before cannot enroll newly.

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday a week, the food store ISP point is double‼


Conduct period: Until February, 2019

Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday
"Delicious weekend point up 3DAYS!"
ISP point is double in food store all the stores‼

The point is double, and, commencing with freshness, please enjoy shopping to side dish and sweets♪

Please come to the store.

News of closure


Thank you for favoring for a long time.

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

We began ISP formula Instagram!


Fairy "park low (♂)" of owl
While exploring in ISP
We introduce shop and product♪
Please respond.

instagram [Instagram]

Please give me the various SNS use


In Ikebukuro Shopping Park [ISP], we are doing information dispatch in various SNS.
We send advantageous information.

instagram [Instagram]

Twitter [Twitter]

facebook [Facebook]

LINE @ [line @]
(installation of LINE application is necessary)

You can use public wireless LAN


You can use ISP FREE Wi-Fi.


※This service is available once free for 60 minutes.
You have you read precautions, and please use after having agreed.

The Saison card, UC card eternal immortal point is double every Saturday


Every Saturday is the use of Saison card, UC card,
Permanently immortal point is double!

As for every ", "the eternal immortal point is double"" on day!

※As for the card of daily life "eternal immortality point 3 times"
gosaimasu. For more details, to person in charge.

※Outside card which is targeted for permanently immortal point and
In SAISON MILE CLUB< shopping mile plan>
In the case of participation, it becomes out of this service object.

※Credit Saison Co.,Ltd. carries out at the same time
With other point doubling campaign
There is not addition of point by overlap.

TAX FREE-adaptive store


"TAX FREE-adaptive store" list

Ginza Hanabishi (ladies' clothes)
B-Three (ladies' clothes)
Leilian (ladies' clothes)
NUONE (ladies' clothes)
Astoria (ladies' clothes)
Maker's Shirts Kamakura (ladies' clothing, men's clothing)
Asics walking (men's shoes, ladies' shoes)
Fitfit (ladies' shoes)
Discoat Petit (lifestyle shop)
Zoff (glasses sunglasses)
JEWELRY TSUTSUMI (jewels and ornaments)
STUDIO CLIP (life miscellaneous goods, ladies' clothes)
CHIARA (hair accessories fashion accessory)
Matsumoto Kiyoshi (drugstore)
Shop in (cosmetics, beauty miscellaneous goods)
Le collier (jewelry)
COSMETICS P.D.C (perfume, cosmetics)

We can look at the details and position map of store when we click each store name.

Please give me the nanaco CHARGE machine use


We introduce nanaco CHARGE machine in ISP.

Setting place: South hall Service Center

[service contents]

①We pay cash (CHARGE)
 The receipt of money (CHARGE) is made to up to 50,000 yen by 1,000 yen unit.

②We change nanaco point for electronic money
 We change for one point of = 1 yen. We can change from 1 point.

③Balance confirmation of money point

 The receipt of money (CHARGE) and balance confirmation are possible at the following place.
 Brick street Seven Bank ATM

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

With image in point of "this as for the detailed information,"
We enlarge image and can consider that we click mouse.

Information for elevator setting


With Ikebukuro retail park (the first floor under the ground)
In Ikebukuro east exit community basement parking area (the second floor under the ground)

We tie up both floors

Exclusive elevator
(for exclusive use of inconvenient customer of wheelchair, elderly person, body)

We install this.

※We may use for duties to carry in and out.

●Use time:
 It is from 10:00 to 19:30 - 21 on 00/ Sunday/Holiday at 10:00 for from Monday to Saturday

●Setting place:
 [the first floor under the ground] The Ikebukuro retail park south hall suta-bakkusuko-hi- side
 [the second floor under the ground] Ikebukuro east exit community basement parking area A zone

Look at detailed information than the following.

→Detailed information is this

With image in point of "this as for the detailed information,"
We enlarge image and can consider that we click mouse.

About guidance with foreign language


In Ikebukuro retail park, you came
To plan expansion of guidance to customer of foreigner

Five languages
(English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese)

We carry out telephone interpreter service in this.

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

With image in point of "this as for the detailed information,"
We enlarge image and can consider that we click mouse.

Electronic imitation - is available


In Ikebukuro retail park,
Electronic imitation - is available.

Is early; and convenient electronic imitation - which is small change-free.
Please use.

When we click right image,
You can see extended image.