Event & discount information

All Saturday, July 22 MARUKOSHI article 30% OFF

(2017/07/22 update)

Exhibition period: Saturday, July 22

MARUKOSHI of pickle, semiannual thanks SALE‼

Saturday, July 22 "day of reckoning!"
All article 30% of daily limits OFF!
As for the part "half price" product!
Please come to the store.

※It usually becomes discount from price.
※Some products (gifts) are excluded

We collect two stamps, and let's put! North hall, south hall stamp rally

(2017/07/21 update)

Exhibition period: From Friday, July 21 to 31st Monday

Summer vacation plan!
We hold north hall, south hall stamp rally!

During period in shop of Ikebukuro Shopping Park
1 stamp seals by purchase more than tax-included 500 yen.
<< north hall >> 2 stamps in total attract stamps one by one in << south hall >>, and please apply.
Wonderful prize is presented by lot by 270 people!

Please come to the store♪

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

With ISP reward card summer vacation newcomer meeting 300P campaign

(2017/07/21 update)

Exhibition period: From Friday, July 21 to Sunday, August 13

Under ISP reward card newly enrollment campaign conduct!
When, during period, please enroll in ISP reward card,
We present 300 points of ISP points on the spot!
Person 15 years or older can enroll on the spot and is enrollment fee, annual convention costs for free.
The points collect for the parking lot use for shopping♪
Please enroll at this opportunity.

※Visitor who has had you enroll before cannot enroll with newcomer.

Than Public lottery Chance Center introduction of "public lottery jumbo in summer"

(2017/07/18 update)

In chance center from Tuesday, July 18 to Thursday, August 10,
It releases jumbo public lottery at the same time in three summer!

700 million yen in the first prize, one-number-off winning ticket! no "summer jumbo"

The first class 100 million yen! no "summer jumbo mini-100 million yen"

"Summer jumbo petit 1 million" that the first class 1 million yen is as for 5,000

With the total jumbo in three summer, 100 million yen or more compared with the previous year are approximately 1.5 times!
It is 105 in total! 1 million yen or more are approximately 7 times! As for 5,435 in total!
For each one piece of 300 yen.
We look forward to visit of visitor.

[notice] It is "false eyelashes try-on event" holding in shop in

(2017/07/17 update)

Exhibition period: Monday, July 24 .25 days Tuesday

We stop at D-UP exclusive belonging makeup team
We hold "false eyelashes try-on event" free.
We choose and put false eyelashes which are good to visitor,
We actually attach.
We show right how to put false eyelashes♪
Please participate.
The holding date and time: Monday, July 24 .25 days Tuesday from 15:00 to 19:00
Reservation reception desk: From 15:00 to 18:45 on the date on that day
The time required: Approximately 15 minutes per person

※We may be changed at time.
※It should be finished as soon as it becomes capacity.
※We did not hear reservation over telephone. He/she makes a reservation at store on the day.

Than Maker's Shirts Kamakura introduction of "ladies' linen shirt"

(2017/07/17 update)

Linen shirt which you can put on coolly in midsummer is must-have item of summer!
It is handsome, and lady like can dress well by styling, too.

Press with a whack; and in business casual.
It is worn-out, and please come to relaxation casual of adult♪

There are many color, print, designs and has.
Look by all means at store.

6,372 yen ...
Size 7 size, 9 size, 11 size, 13 size, F

[Nakajima Suisan] Introduction of good bargain product of July

(2017/07/10 update)

We introduce good bargain product of July than Nakajima Suisan!
Good bargain ‼, please come to the store all the time for one month.

◆Eel long roast (middle domestic production) one 1,058 yen
◆Three pieces of horse mackerel cut open and dried (Nagasaki product) 518 yen
◆Sweet tara child [cut glass] (product in Russia) 100 g 321 yen
◆Karashi Mentaiko [cut glass] (product in Russia) 100 g 321 yen
540 yen running out of silver salmon [sweet] (product, culture in Chile) 4

※Price is tax-included price.
※Forgive case without the arrival by weather, traffic condition.

[special event] Than SOLEIL good bargain information! Mobile case with hand spinner

(2017/07/09 update)

We are opening a store in south hall special event space
Than store specializing in smartphone cases "SOLEIL" good bargain information!

Mobile case with much-talked-about toy "hand spinner"
We provide with special price!

Smartphone case special price 1,980 yen (tax-excluded) with hand spinner for exclusive use of iPhone7
※It is finished as soon as we disappear

In addition, we have various smartphone cases.
Please come to the store.

※SOLEIL is open by special event division of STARBUCKS COFFEE [south hall] facing.

In DoCLASSE up to 80% OFF!

(2017/07/07 update)

In clothing and miscellaneous goods up to 80% OFF of DoCLASSE!

As for the special prices as for the cut-and-sew for a limited time
We offer.

Please come to the store at this opportunity.

Maker's Shirts Kamakura "iza, short sleeves!"

(2017/07/05 update)

Okay, it is short sleeves!

Days when passing of the rainy season is long in coming continue,
We do not spend time with short-sleeved shirt of Kamakura comfortably
Is it ka?

Dress short sleeves shirt which you can put on by work,
Knit short sleeves shirt of easy-care,
Kamakura shirt wants to wear on off day!
It is short-sleeved open empty - shirt of linen in toiu
We prepare mogo.

Specifically, please hang voice to feel free to contact the staff of store♪

S, M, L, XL, XXL
5,400 yen ...

Beard Papa's new product "nuts!"

(2017/07/05 update)

New product "nuts" come up to Beard Papa's!
To cloth which is crunchy Krispy which it is fragrant and baked
We packed vaunted custard cream.
Please appreciate♪

・Nuts (nothing) 170 yen (tax-included)

ISP summer sale Saturday, July 1 start!

(2017/07/01 update)

Exhibition period: From Saturday, July 1 to 31st Monday

Summer items are cut the price of all at once!
Item which I wanted
It is advantageous and will obtain♪

We lead at some stores and are holding sale!

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

ISP "noodles" special feature

(2017/07/01 update)

Exhibition period: From Saturday, July 1 to 31st Monday

"Noodles" to want to eat so as to be hot if hot‼

In each ISP shop, we offered good "noodles" in summer.
As there is July-only product, too,
You compare by eating, and please enjoy♪

Furthermore, it is Beard Papa's and rakeri
Summer-limited sweets come up, too.
Please come to the store.

Look at detailed information than the following.
→Detailed information is this

With image in point of "detailed information this,"
We enlarge image and can consider that we click mouse.

STARBUCKS COFFEE north hall shop Friday, June 30 OPEN!

(2017/06/30 update)

STARBUCKS COFFEE of 2 store eyes is open in ISP!
Please come to the store♪

South hall shop is open sequentially.

As business hours vary according to store, please be careful.
・North hall shop from 7:00 to 22:00 (every day)
・South hall shop from 7:00 to 22:30 (every day)

We are selling "season-limited white peach tea" from tea BAR!

(2017/06/22 update)

Period Until the end of July 

Tea of seasonal peach is seasonally limited and is selling!
We put white peach flesh in the tea that white peach was fragrant slightly
It is tea of fresh and young taste.
Please enjoy in shop♪

・White peach tea latte 370 yen
・Fruit white peach tea 400 yen
・Rock salt cream white peach tea latte 440 yen

※Price is all tax-included price.
※There is possibility to be mixed up to some extent during sale period.

Under "snow cone" summer-limited in rakeri release!

(2017/06/12 update)

Summer-limited menu "snow cone" came up in rakeri!
We eat hinya - ri "snow cone", and let's survive hot summer‼

Please have snow cone of oneself preference including free topping and gelato topping of condensed milk♪

◆Snow cone (strawberry, melon) 380 yen condensed milk topping for free!
◆Fruit snow cone (strawberry) 480 yen 
 Strawberry sauce with flesh and gelato you like
 We come with topping.

※Price is all tax-included.

"Squeezes" of extreme popularity are received in KOGUMA!

(2017/06/12 update)

Now in KOGUMA squeeze of extreme popularity
It is received with a limitation of amount!

With fuwaffuwa, motchimochino touch
Appetizing smell is with

Please look at store at this opportunity.

Beach goods are available in 3COINS!

(2017/06/06 update)

Every year common usage, beach goods of 3COINS
We power up and are debut!

Float of Haat type and animal motif,
As for the float for drink of topic boiling.
As for the water guns for beach ball and child,
There are full of items which are indispensable to the sea and pool.

As it is early that popular item runs low in average year,
Please come to 3COINS early if you check.

※You can see beach goods from this.
(site of 3COINS is open)

※It is window according to brick until Thursday, June 8
 As we display, please see by all means!

"Re-near" free smartphone application is downloading campaign!

(2017/06/01 update)

Campaign period: From Thursday, June 1 to Thursday, August 31

The latest information of Ikebukuro Shopping Park
"Re-near" free smartphone application to be seen in a mass is.
"Downloading campaign" advantageous now
It is now being held!

"Re-, near" downloads application to smartphone and,
The following campaign cord for input, scratch game
Please challenge.
One person wins for "ISP point" 500 yen to five people by lot!
In addition, we present "ISP point" 100 yen share without exception even if we come off.
This advantageous chance without passing over!
We wait for much application.

<< campaign cord for exclusive use of ISP Ikebukuro Shopping Park: 00830403 >>

<participation condition>
・"Re-, near", please download o application for exclusive use of smartphone. (free)

・Participation becomes only once per person only in one of new downloading. (plurally impossible)
 ※One that participated in other campaigns and the same campaign cannot challenge past.

・Prize becomes exchange in ISP Ikebukuro Shopping Park south hall service counter.
 Please show premium exchange screen.

<< prize exchange period >>
・Thursday, June 1 - 9/7 Thursday from 10:00 to 20:30 (on Sunday/Holiday from 10:00 to 20:00)

・When you do not have ISP reward card, on ISP point present, please enroll on the spot (free).
※As for the exchange, the person come directly.
 ※When the content mentioned above is not accepted, we may take person confirmation.

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

Maker's Shirts Kamakura "Owl" pocket handkerchief - Made in Japan ...

(2017/05/29 update)

Ikebukuro Shopping Park shop limited sale 
"Owl pocket chief"

In basic linen place of basic white by domestic craftsman
We gave embroidery of owl by hand one by one.

Owl is considered to be symbol of happiness in all the countries of the world,
We are considered to be "non-trouble" "fortune basket" in Japan and are lucky motif.

By pretty one point to peep at from breast pocket,
Please treat the chest uniquely and elegantly.

Pocket handkerchief 3,132 yen (tax-included)
※Ikebukuro store, web-limited article

Lunch stamp club card new start!

(2017/03/01 update)

Expiration date: Until Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lunch stamp club card starts newly!
About one lunch more than 500 yen (tax-included) purchase
We give one stamp.
With ten stamps as lunch discount coupon for next time 300 yen

Buy lunch in ISP, and is advantageous; lunch♪
Please come to the store.
It is available at ISP south hall 10 store.

※The last lunch stamp club card (green thing) is not available.

Look at available store than the following.
Detailed information is this

With image in point of "detailed information this,"
We enlarge image and can consider that we click mouse.


We began ISP formula Instagram in June!


Fairy "park low (♂)" of owl
While exploring in ISP
We introduce shop and product♪
Please respond.

instagram [Instagram]

Please give me the various SNS use


In Ikebukuro Shopping Park [ISP], we do information dispatch in various SNS.
We send advantageous information.

instagram [Instagram]

Twitter [Twitter]

facebook [Facebook]

LINE @ [line @]
(installation of LINE application is necessary)

Nakajima Suisan, F & V pond Sakae became common cash register.


Cash register of Nakajima Suisan, F & V pond Sakae became common cash register from Tuesday, March 28.

We can settle account at cash register in a mass having one 2 stores.
There is cash register on Nakajima Suisan side.
Please be careful on the use in F & V pond Sakae.

News of closing a shop


Thank you for favoring for a long time.

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

You can use public wireless LAN


You can use ISP FREE Wi-Fi.


※This service is available once free for 60 minutes.
You have you read precautions, and please use after having agreed.

Automatic foreign currency changemaker is available


We can change 12 currencies into Japanese Yen
It supports four languages of Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
We can easily operate in touch panel

●Use time: From 6:00 to 22:00

●Setting place: It is before peach jam according to brick

●Available currency:
 ①The U.S. dollar
 ②The euro
 ④The dollar of Taiwan
 ⑤Hong Kong dollar
 ⑥Bhat of Thailand
 ⑦Korean Wong
 ⑧British pound
 ⑨Australian dollar 
 ⑩The dollar of Singapore
 ⑪Ringgit of Malaysia
 ⑫Rupiah of Indonesia

※The receipt of money of foreign currency is only paper money.

The Saison card, UC card eternal immortal point is double every Saturday


Every Saturday is the use of Saison card, UC card,
Permanently immortal point is double!

As for every ", "the eternal immortal point is double"" on day!

※As for the card of daily life "eternal immortality point 3 times"
gosaimasu. Specifically, to person in charge.

※Outside card which is targeted for permanently immortal point and
In SAISON MILE CLUB< shopping mile plan>
In the case of participation, it becomes out of this service object.

※Credit Saison Co.,Ltd. carries out at the same time
With other point doubling campaign
There is not addition of point by overlap.

The every Saturday nanaco point is double


It is the nananco use every Saturday
nanaco point is double!

Target store: Ikebukuro Shopping Park all the stores
※Grant of point adds after 10th in the next month.

The every Friday food point is double


Every Friday is purchase of food,
If ISP point is double, it becomes very advantageous.

TAX FREE-adaptive store


"TAX FREE-adaptive store" list

Ginza Hanabishi (ladies' clothes)
B-Three (ladies' clothes)
Lois CRAYON (ladies' clothes)
Leilian (ladies' clothes)
Rei Lan Kan (ladies' clothes)
NUONE (ladies' clothes)
Astoria (ladies' clothes)
Maker's Shirts Kamakura (ladies' clothing, men's clothing)
LAPAX (bag)
Fitfit (ladies' shoes)
JEWELRY TSUTSUMI (jewels and ornaments)
Aidect (jewels and ornaments)
STUDIO CLIP (life miscellaneous goods, ladies' clothes)
CHIARA (hair accessories fashion accessory)
Matsumoto Kiyoshi (drugstore)
Shop in (cosmetics, beauty miscellaneous goods)
Le collier (jewelry)
COSMETICS P.D.C (perfume, cosmetics)

We can look at the details and position map of store when we click each store name.

Please give me the nanaco CHARGE machine use


We introduce nanaco CHARGE machine in ISP.

Setting place: South hall Service Center

[service contents]

①We pay cash (CHARGE)
 The receipt of money (CHARGE) is made to up to 50,000 yen by 1,000 yen unit.

②We change nanaco point for electronic money
 We change for one point of = 1 yen. We can change from 1 point.

③Balance confirmation of money point

 The receipt of money (CHARGE) and balance confirmation are possible at the following place.
 Brick street Seven Bank ATM

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

With image in point of "detailed information this,"
We enlarge image and can consider that we click mouse.

Information for elevator setting


With Ikebukuro retail park (the first floor under the ground)
In Ikebukuro east exit community basement parking area (the second floor under the ground)

We tie up both floors

Exclusive elevator
(for exclusive use of inconvenient visitor of wheelchair, elderly person, body)

We establish o.

※We may use for duties to carry in and out.

●Use time:
 It is from 10:00 to 20:00 - 20 on 30/ Sunday/Holiday at 10:00 for from Monday to Saturday

●Setting place:
 [the first floor under the ground] The Ikebukuro retail park south hall suta-bakkusuko-hi- side
 [the second floor under the ground] Ikebukuro east exit community basement parking area A zone

Look at detailed information than the following.

→Detailed information is this

With image in point of "detailed information this,"
We enlarge image and can consider that we click mouse.

About guidance with foreign language


In Ikebukuro retail park, you came
To plan expansion of guidance to visitor of foreigner

Five languages
(English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese)

We carry out deno telephone interpreter service.

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

With image in point of "detailed information this,"
We enlarge image and can consider that we click mouse.

Electronic imitation - is available


In Ikebukuro retail park,
Electronic imitation - is available.

Is early; and convenient electronic imitation - which is small change-free.
Please use.

When we click right image,
You can see extended image.

"City of 4:00" is held every day in the food evening


We start "city of 4:00" at 4:00 with food every day in the evening.
Including newly made side dish and sushi, lunch buy; and to the same dining table.
It is recommended for person who is busy with work return or overtime work!

Original service of each more advantageous specialty store


Ikebukuro Shopping Park ISP reward card common in all facilities.
Furthermore, original reward card of each specialty store,
We wait for visit of visitor by various services.

When we click right image,
You can see extended image.