Event & discount information

Autumn point up WEEK haberdashery 10 times food is double

(2017/09/25 update)

Exhibition period: From Monday, September 25 to Sunday, October 1

Autumn point up WEEK is held!

September is ISP founding month!
With point magnification nothing,
Haberdashery 10 times! Food double!

It is chance of bulk buying with product to be worried about in the fall and winter!
This opportunity without passing over♪

Furthermore, we hold with ISP reward card newcomer meeting campaign during period!
We present ISP point 300P to visitor of the new enrollment
It is card of enrollment fee, annual convention costs for free.
Please enroll at this opportunity.
※Person who has had you enroll before cannot enroll with newcomer.

We double autumn nanaco2 and campaign

(2017/09/25 update)

Exhibition period: From Monday, September 25 to Sunday, October 1

When, during period, you are expected to pay in nanaco
nanaco point is double‼
As we use together with ISP reward card and are available
The points collect with double♪
Please come to the store at this opportunity.

※There is not the point addition that we repeat saying "the every Saturday nanaco point is double".
※Point adds after 10th in the next month of the use.

Matsumoto Kiyoshi "receipt coupon campaign" now being held!

(2017/09/25 update)

Issuance period: From Monday, September 25 to Wednesday, October 4

During period, it is one purchase tax-included 300 yen or more
We issue receipt coupon.
Receipt coupon during period of Thursday, October 5 - 16 Monday,
Because of 1 receipt of once, 10% OFF (remove food, liquor)
Service is received.
Without this advantageous opportunity passing over!

※There is foreign merchant product targeted for coupon discount.
 Specifically, please refer to the store staff.

[re-near] Walk-in campaign which gift certificate gets by all means

(2017/09/22 update)

Exhibition period: From Friday, September 22 to Sunday, October 1

In 3 facilities of Ikebukuro, Akabane area
We carry out walk-in campaign!

ISP Ikebukuro Shopping Park, Akabane apire,
In store specializing in sunshine cities street arpa (※ order of the kana syllabary),
During period walk-in coin increase in quantity campaign
We carry out.

Let alone the first walk-in,
Walk-in is facility where we have had, but already increases coin in quantity during period!
It is W chance more! ! To all 3 facilities walk-in all the one where we had
We present gift certificate 500 yen share♪

[Ikebukuro, Akabane area limitation] Walk-in campaign is detailed
Period From Friday, September 22 to Sunday, October 1
Participation method: Please do walk-in in target facility.
※In 1 facility, we can participate once a day per person.

W chance participation method: Only to person who did walk-in to all 3 facilities during period
I send campaign cord by push delivery on Monday, October 2.
※Please set setting of notice of push by all means in ON.

※Gift certificate of 3 facility somewhere is successful by all means when we input campaign cord.
※We are not available whether it is gift certificate of which facility.

Campaign input by code period: From Monday, October 2, 2017 to Thursday, October 5
※Please note that you cannot participate in W chance when it is past period.

■ Gift certificate receipt method
As you mail from ipoca, please input information necessary for gift application form.
After gift application, we do procedure of mail within two months.

■ Attention, disclaimers
・Downloading of application is necessary.
・We are not given coin even once in the first time even if walk-in is facility where we have had and cancels follow.
・Only as for the person who did 3 facility walk-in after campaign on Monday, October 2
We send campaign cord by push delivery from the NEARLY secretariat.
※Please change setting of notice of push to ON.

Campaign input by code period: Monday, October 2 - Thursday, October 5
※For gift certificate 500 yen of 3 facility somewhere wins premium by all means.
※Please note that it becomes lottery whether gift certificate of which facility is successful.

We sign on motorcycle commuter pass parking for a limited time and campaign

(2017/09/22 update)

From October, 2017 to the end of September, 2018

When, during the period mentioned above, we have you contract motorcycle commuter pass parking more than three months
What and monthly basis (tax-included) 10,000 yen!

※Ten the first limits. Specifically, please refer to parking lot office 03(3982) 2116.

We make a reservation from Friday, September 22, 2017 and accept and start.
Please contract at this opportunity.
※If you like, bring to parking lot office after entry to application.

From 3COINS "3COINS X potedan!" News of collaboration item sale

(2017/09/22 update)

Period Saturday, September 23 ...

PC browser & smartphone application "sword boisterous dance-ONLINE-" more
Collaboration plan with "potedan."
Nine sword man people become item of 3COINS and appear!

"3COINS X potedan!" Collaboration item
More than 1,000 yen (tax-excluded) to visitor of purchase,
Original postcard one piece present!
One in number including limit you like
Please come to the store early.
※With distribution random as for two kinds of postcards
 Please note that it becomes.

"3COINS X potedan!" News of item purchase number restrictions

"3COINS X potedan!" About item,
Only for the first day to sell on Saturday, September 23 about the purchase
It should be the following streets.
"Name tag" (300+ yen tax) to four points per person
Because of 1 other products to two points
So that more visitors can purchase,
Arranging limit of the purchase number
Please understand.

The Maker's Shirts Kamakura "jacket autumn/winter first"

(2017/09/21 update)

The Kamakura shirt jacket autumn/winter first
Wool melange jacket

Wool jacket made in good-quality Japan comes up in new item in the fall and winter.
Similar melange-like cloth using two colors gives expression that is rich in jacket.
It is the first place that we want to add to business scene which width of coordinates spreads through.

■100% of wool
■31,320 yen (tax-included)
■Product made in Japan
■M, TM (for long sleeve and shoulder width plus the length from shoulder to hem), L, XL

[Akutagawa Confectionery] Under Halloween-limited product release

(2017/09/21 update)

Halloween product is now on sale in Akutagawa Confectionery!
As for pachipachi and the fresh crunch chocolate,
We offer pretty product by POP like Halloween.
It is good to present to friend♪

① Halloween wild crunch (with seven) 302 yen
② Halloween candy (nothing) 151 yen
③ Halloween 100 (with four) 108 yen
※Price is all tax-included price.
※It is finished as soon as we disappear

Branch Calbee plus in ISP for a limited time‼

(2017/09/20 update)

Exhibition period: From Wednesday, September 20 to 30th Saturday

Calbee plus is ISP first appearance!
We can sell simply because it is Calbee shop,
Rare products assemble in full force discerning product!
Please thoroughly enjoy delicious cake.

Introduction of product
◆Hokkaido potato Komachi
 We can enjoy color and taste of three kinds of potatoes
 It is snack of one share of size.

◆Saltiness of Essen potato stone wall
 Potato which contract farming family brought up carefully
 To make use of good material; in surprising thickness...
 It is Tips having high satisfaction.

◆SPOOKYPOTATO black pepper taste
 Of material itself using Hokkaido Kitamura Saki is purple.
 Both package and the contents are good to Halloween party!
 It is black pepper taste to fit liquor.

◆Edo jaga toasted laver soy sauce flavor
 Eat for fragrant toasted laver soy sauce flavor; as for dying out of perfect score
 It is Kanto limited thick-sliced potato chip.

[Mr. doughnut togo] Introduction of Halloween doughnut 2017

(2017/09/19 update)

From Friday, September 15

Halloween of this year is magic that my melody & kuromi sprinkled, and doughnut transforms itself into monster!
Doughnut with Jack Haut-Rhin tongue as motif,
We offer Halloween-limited pretty doughnut.

・Gen torr lantern 183 yen of Jack lantern doughnut
・Lady lantern 183 yen of Jack lantern doughnut
・karurun 162 yen of French pumpkin
・Marlon 162 yen of chocolate marron
・pafietta 162 yen of ring whip
・zakkuru 162 yen of old pumpkin

Of my melody and kuromi dressed like magician,
We are selling set with Cal Miss ditch orchid blanket seriously!

※Price is all tax-included price.
※Cal Miss ditch orchid blanket set becomes the end seriously as soon as we disappear.

Local noiimon, umaimon special event relay! "efaru Kawamura-ya"

(2017/09/18 update)

Exhibition period: September 18 Monday (holiday) - 26th Tuesday

September well-known store around Ikebukuro including Sugamo and Itabashi
We come over by special event!
From September 18 Monday (holiday) from Itabashi,
"efaru Kawamura-ya" of Itabashi pudding comes up!

Itabashi ippin which Itabashi inhabitant of a ward chose.
Local baker created
We send discerning pudding.
Popular "Itabashi pudding" is ISP first to go out shop♪
Please come to the store.

Place: South hall POMPADOUR side special event space

"Period-limited sum pear tea" is now on sale than tea BAR!

(2017/09/15 update)

Period From Friday, September 15 to Tuesday, October 31

Sweetness of sum pear is fresh and young and, in mellow bitterness of tea, is fragrant
We offered autumn-limited tea.
With true sum pear flesh, it is taste to feel autumn more.
Hot is recommended, too♪

Rock salt cream pear tea latte 450 yen (image: the center)
Fruit pear tea 400 yen (image: the left)
Pear tea latte 380 yen (image: the right)
Pear tea straight 340 yen

※Price is all tax-included price.

News of "we campaign from MARUKOSHI marukoshi 2017 autumn"

(2017/09/08 update)

Period From Friday, September 1 to Tuesday, October 31

We are carrying out "marukoshi 2017 autumn campaign" now!
It is 1 stamp every purchase 216 yen (tax-included) during period.
We present either following product when we collect 25 stamps‼
※First-come-first-served basis

① MARUKOSHI original "plover" and "flower of month" pair small dish
② MARUKOSHI original "new rice" Aichi U.S. Koshihikari 3 go

Exchange date: Sunday, November 5

※Premium is finished as soon as first-come-first-served basis disappears,
 You want, and please note that you may not attach.
※The arrival may be delayed by "Aichi meter of new rice" under influence caused by weather.

September "feast" lunch

(2017/09/01 update)

Exhibition period: From Friday, September 1 to 30th Saturday

In commemoration of the 53rd anniversary founded in ISP as for ISP lunch feature of September,
"Feast lunch!"
We offered each shop 530 yen lunch♪

Please appreciate limited product only for September.

Look at detailed information than the following.
→Detailed information is this

With image in point of "detailed information this,"
We enlarge image and can consider that we click mouse.

"Re-near" free smartphone application is downloading campaign!

(2017/09/01 update)

Campaign period: From Friday, September 1 to Thursday, November 30

The latest information of Ikebukuro Shopping Park is seen in a mass
"Re-near" free smartphone application is.

"Downloading campaign" advantageous now
It is now being held!
"Re-, near" downloads application to smartphone and,
The following campaign cord for input, scratch game
Please challenge.
One person wins for "ISP point" 1,000 yen to five people by lot!
This advantageous chance without passing over!
We wait for much application.

<< campaign cord for exclusive use of ISP Ikebukuro Shopping Park: 00830403 >>

<participation condition>
・"Re-, near", please download o application for exclusive use of smartphone. (free)
・Participation becomes only once per person only in one of new downloading. (plurally impossible)
※Person who participated in other campaigns and the same campaign in the past
 We cannot challenge.
・Prize becomes exchange in ISP Ikebukuro Shopping Park south hall service counter.
 Please show premium exchange screen.
<< prize exchange period >>
・Friday, September 1 - 12/7 Thursday from 10:00 to 20:30 (on Sunday/Holiday from 10:00 to 19:00)
・When, on ISP point present, you do not have ISP reward card
 Please enroll on the spot (free).
※As for the exchange, the person come directly.
※When the content mentioned above is not accepted, we may take person confirmation.

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

Extreme popularity! Halloween goods are available in, 3COINS

(2017/09/01 update)

Period Tuesday, August 29 ...

Halloween of 3COINS came over this year!
Halloween item that decoration including Garland and light is fun
Of course as for "the disguise item" which becomes completely together, and is pleasant
Enhancement! Pet running out of, size is makeover in horror cutely slightly.

Please come to the store early as soon as you disappear as it is the end.

Diaries which are popular among 3COINS are available

(2017/08/24 update)

Popular diaries are available every year.

Furthermore, tag and masking tape, pen case
Glasses cases are received in addition, too.
As popular item, stock become only for,
When you want, to hasten!

We wait for visit of all of you.

Lunch stamp club card new start!

(2017/03/01 update)

Expiration date: Until Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lunch stamp club card starts newly!
About one lunch more than 500 yen (tax-included) purchase
We give one stamp.
With ten stamps as lunch discount coupon for next time 300 yen

Buy lunch in ISP, and is advantageous; lunch♪
Please come to the store.
It is available at ISP south hall 10 store.

※The last lunch stamp club card (green thing) is not available.

Look at available store than the following.
Detailed information is this

With image in point of "detailed information this,"
We enlarge image and can consider that we click mouse.


We began ISP formula Instagram in June!


Fairy "park low (♂)" of owl
While exploring in ISP
We introduce shop and product♪
Please respond.

instagram [Instagram]

Please give me the various SNS use


In Ikebukuro Shopping Park [ISP], we do information dispatch in various SNS.
We send advantageous information.

instagram [Instagram]

Twitter [Twitter]

facebook [Facebook]

LINE @ [line @]
(installation of LINE application is necessary)

Nakajima Suisan, F & V pond Sakae became common cash register.


Cash register of Nakajima Suisan, F & V pond Sakae became common cash register from Tuesday, March 28.

We can settle account at cash register in a mass having one 2 stores.
There is cash register on Nakajima Suisan side.
Please be careful on the use in F & V pond Sakae.

News of closing a shop


Thank you for favoring for a long time.

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

You can use public wireless LAN


You can use ISP FREE Wi-Fi.


※This service is available once free for 60 minutes.
You have you read precautions, and please use after having agreed.

Automatic foreign currency changemaker is available


We can change 12 currencies into Japanese Yen
It supports four languages of Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
We can easily operate in touch panel

●Use time: From 6:00 to 22:00

●Setting place: It is before peach jam according to brick

●Available currency:
 ①The U.S. dollar
 ②The euro
 ④The dollar of Taiwan
 ⑤Hong Kong dollar
 ⑥Bhat of Thailand
 ⑦Korean Wong
 ⑧British pound
 ⑨Australian dollar 
 ⑩The dollar of Singapore
 ⑪Canadian dollar
 ⑫Swiss franc

※The receipt of money of foreign currency is only paper money.

The Saison card, UC card eternal immortal point is double every Saturday


Every Saturday is the use of Saison card, UC card,
Permanently immortal point is double!

As for every ", "the eternal immortal point is double"" on day!

※As for the card of daily life "eternal immortality point 3 times"
gosaimasu. Specifically, to person in charge.

※Outside card which is targeted for permanently immortal point and
In SAISON MILE CLUB< shopping mile plan>
In the case of participation, it becomes out of this service object.

※Credit Saison Co.,Ltd. carries out at the same time
With other point doubling campaign
There is not addition of point by overlap.

The every Saturday nanaco point is double


It is the nananco use every Saturday
nanaco point is double!

Target store: Ikebukuro Shopping Park all the stores
※Grant of point adds after 10th in the next month.

The every Friday food point is double


Every Friday is purchase of food,
If ISP point is double, it becomes very advantageous.

TAX FREE-adaptive store


"TAX FREE-adaptive store" list

Ginza Hanabishi (ladies' clothes)
B-Three (ladies' clothes)
Lois CRAYON (ladies' clothes)
Leilian (ladies' clothes)
Rei Lan Kan (ladies' clothes)
NUONE (ladies' clothes)
Astoria (ladies' clothes)
Maker's Shirts Kamakura (ladies' clothing, men's clothing)
LAPAX (bag)
Fitfit (ladies' shoes)
JEWELRY TSUTSUMI (jewels and ornaments)
Aidect (jewels and ornaments)
STUDIO CLIP (life miscellaneous goods, ladies' clothes)
CHIARA (hair accessories fashion accessory)
Matsumoto Kiyoshi (drugstore)
Shop in (cosmetics, beauty miscellaneous goods)
Le collier (jewelry)
COSMETICS P.D.C (perfume, cosmetics)

We can look at the details and position map of store when we click each store name.

Please give me the nanaco CHARGE machine use


We introduce nanaco CHARGE machine in ISP.

Setting place: South hall Service Center

[service contents]

①We pay cash (CHARGE)
 The receipt of money (CHARGE) is made to up to 50,000 yen by 1,000 yen unit.

②We change nanaco point for electronic money
 We change for one point of = 1 yen. We can change from 1 point.

③Balance confirmation of money point

 The receipt of money (CHARGE) and balance confirmation are possible at the following place.
 Brick street Seven Bank ATM

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

With image in point of "detailed information this,"
We enlarge image and can consider that we click mouse.

About guidance with foreign language


In Ikebukuro retail park, you came
To plan expansion of guidance to visitor of foreigner

Five languages
(English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese)

We carry out deno telephone interpreter service.

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information is this

With image in point of "detailed information this,"
We enlarge image and can consider that we click mouse.

Information for elevator setting


With Ikebukuro retail park (the first floor under the ground)
In Ikebukuro east exit community basement parking area (the second floor under the ground)

We tie up both floors

Exclusive elevator
(for exclusive use of inconvenient visitor of wheelchair, elderly person, body)

We establish o.

※We may use for duties to carry in and out.

●Use time:
 It is from 10:00 to 20:00 - 20 on 30/ Sunday/Holiday at 10:00 for from Monday to Saturday

●Setting place:
 [the first floor under the ground] The Ikebukuro retail park south hall suta-bakkusuko-hi- side
 [the second floor under the ground] Ikebukuro east exit community basement parking area A zone

Look at detailed information than the following.

→Detailed information is this

With image in point of "detailed information this,"
We enlarge image and can consider that we click mouse.

Electronic imitation - is available


In Ikebukuro retail park,
Electronic imitation - is available.

Is early; and convenient electronic imitation - which is small change-free.
Please use.

When we click right image,
You can see extended image.

"City of 4:00" is held every day in the food evening


We start "city of 4:00" at 4:00 with food every day in the evening.
Including newly made side dish and sushi, lunch buy; and to the same dining table.
It is recommended for person who is busy with work return or overtime work!

Original service of each more advantageous specialty store


Ikebukuro Shopping Park ISP reward card common in all facilities.
Furthermore, original reward card of each specialty store,
We wait for visit of visitor by various services.

When we click right image,
You can see extended image.