[tea BAR] We will warm with seasonally limited "black soybean tea" - hot

Sale period: From Saturday, December 15 to Thursday, January 31

Tea break that is more quite popular than tea BAR comes up again♪
Tea "non caffeine black soybean tea" to want to drink in winter is now on sale!
It is taste that sweetness of black soybean is soft as for the black soybean tea containing anthocyanin and isoflavone said to be good for the health, and feeling feels at ease.

[product (sweetness adjustment OK/ hot OK)]
○Cream black soybean tea latte 440 yen
○Cream black soybean tea straight 410 yen
○Black soybean tea latte 390 yen
○Black soybean tea straight 350 yen

※Price is all tax-included price.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
※We sell and may be finished depending on stock early.

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