[tea BAR] Cause all-Japan volleyball "Saori Kimura" and tea BAR for women are collaboration of dream!

Sale period: From Monday, October 1 to 31st Wednesday

With cause all-Japan female volleyball "Saori Kimura",
Tea BAR is collaboration of dream!

Original product to sell in world valley venue in 2018
We sell at store.

Of domestic tapioca and Shimane long-established store teahouse where tea BAR is particular about
To tea latte using domestic tea leaves of "tea 3s one,"
Tea latte which performed topping of Hokkaido soybean flour, roasting brown rice,
It is refined taste to feel autumn.

It is purchase with this product
We present Saori Kimura original sticker without exception!

[product (sweetness adjustment possible / hot possible)]
○With Hokkaido soybean flour
・Stick roasted tea latte 420 yen
・Cream stick roasted tea latte 460 yen

○Non-caffeine with roasting brown rice
・Staple grains tea latte 420 yen
・Cream staple grains tea latte 460 yen

Look at detailed information than the following.
Detailed information this [tea BAR formula HP]

※With all tapioca
※Price is all tax-included price.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
※We sell and may be finished depending on stock early.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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