[Samantha MOS MOS] Under collaboration item sale with quite popular MOOMIN!

Period From Thursday, August 9
※It is finished as soon as we disappear

Collaboration item with quite popular MOOMIN,
Discerning items are varied this time♪

・Dress \ 4990+tax with cuffs patch
Color: Red green blue
Dress which arrangement works for when we squeeze WEST and wear with haori.
Patch of MOOMIN characters which are popular among the cuffs is ...☆
As this place varies in characters by color
Please see by all means at store♪

・Little Mii repeating pattern TEE \ 2990+tax
Color: Off kina re-navy
・Little Mii embroidery CRU cardigan \ 3990+tax
Color: Kina re-khaki black

Little Mii TEE which was very popular last time, embroidery cardigan which we want to wear in total.
As material is 100-percent-cotton, you can wear both immediately now.

As it becomes the end as soon as we disappear, please come to the store early.

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