[Mr. doughnut] misdo meets PABLO chizutarudoshirizu

From Friday, July 20

New sweets which we made with thought that misdoh and PABLO want to make customer happy with taste, misdo meets PABLO chizutarudoshirizu come up.
It is cheese sweet which rare cheese whip of PABLO fully appeared in to doughnut.
You taste, and please decide whether that it is doughnut is cheese tart.

①chizutarudo (apricot, clam) for each 216 yen (tax-included)
②Rare cheese Shoo (strawberry, apricot) for each 183 yen (tax-included)
③Pop de rare cheese, rare cheese fashion for each 151 yen (tax-included)

①②③We offer advantageous set which put this together.
■Shop recommended three set 520 yen

※Set content varies according to shops.
※Sale time of publication product varies.

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