[tea BAR] We will feel "fair for a limited time in Taiwan" - tapioca birthplace "Taiwan" to be

Sale period: From Monday, June 18 to Tuesday, July 31

"Love ball jelly" "senso jelly" "brown sugar tea latte"
Three kinds of popular taste comes up for a limited time in Taiwan!

●"Love ball lemon jasmin tea"
We were to jasmine tea of gorgeous flavor longan fruit noama ... and added honey and lemon
Taiwanese tea of fresh taste that Taiwanese sweets love ball jelly was contained in

●"senso Assam tea latte"
With Taiwanese sweets senso jelly made from plant to tea latte using Assam tea from Taiwan
Taiwanese tea that flavor such as herb is habit-forming

●"Brown sugar tea latte"
Brown sugar tea with milk which added a good brown sugar to Assam tea from Taiwan
Taiwanese tea of heavy taste

"Love ball jelly" "senso jelly" is available as free topping for a limited time.

[product (hot OK/ takeout OK)]
・Love ball lemon jasmin tea 430 yen
・Brown sugar Assam tea latte 430 yen
・senso Assam tea latte 430 yen
・Lemon jasmin tea 390 yen
・Assam tea latte 390 yen

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
※Price is all tax-included price.
※Only as for the brown sugar Assam tea, sweetness adjustment is impossible
※In the case of hot, jelly may melt.

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