[KALDI COFFEE FARM] Cloth coaster amount-limited present original than Monday, June 18!

It is finished as soon as we disappear from Monday, June 18

It is present in "original cloth coaster" (by red, one piece of blue) to customer more with more than tax-included 1,000 yen of one check than Monday, June 18 with a limitation of amount in original coffee beans in the case of the purchase!
It is in a limited quantity and offers coaster that print same as cup of coffee service distributing at store was printed.

Present condition:
We present original coffee beans one set of coaster (by red, one piece of blue) by purchase more than tax-included 1,000 yen per one check.

※This is article not for sale. It becomes the end as soon as coaster disappears.
※There is no handling in official online shop.
※Product targeted for present is limited to original coffee beans.
※For more details, ask the store staff.

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