[Motomachi POMPADOUR] News of new product on May 12

From Saturday, May 12

12th is sale date of "new product" every month!
We introduce new product of POMPADOUR May‼

■Ruby grapefruit Danish 270 yen ※May 1 release
It is refreshing Danish which ruby grapefruit and sweetness of milk custard fit well.

■Tea bean and Emmentaler cheese 194 yen
It is baguette which we kneaded tea bean, bacon, paprika and Emmentaler cheese of mellow flavor into.

■Caramel almond 194 yen
It is fragrant caramel and Danish of crunchy mild texture that we ride almond slice and baked.

■Butter France / salt butter France for each 140 yen
We renew to size that is easy to eat baguette which is full of flavors that kneaded margarine and butter into cloth!
Furthermore, salt butter France which performed topping of salt of gerando comes up.

※Price is all tax-included price.

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