[Mr. doughnut] Matcha sweets PREMIUM

From Friday, April 6

misdo meets Giont Sujiri

Spring when Mr. doughnut meets Giont Sujiri and is the second time.
Matcha sweets PREMIUM which we thought out doughnut and closer relations of Matcha and arrived at.
It is appearance afresh.

■It is de, Uji Matcha soybean flour) for each 151 yen pop pop de double Uji Matcha /

■Doughnut Shoo Uji Matcha adzuki bean / doughnut Shoo Uji Matcha black syrup for each 183 yen

■Brown sugar doughnut Uji Matcha white ball / brown sugar doughnut Uji Matcha warabimochi for each 194 yen

■Uji Matcha whip 151 yen

※Price is all tax-included.
※Expression of Matcha of this product is Matcha original color taste. We fade by light and heat. In addition, Matcha product is limited in number.

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