[tea BAR] Seasonally limited "white peach tea with white peach flesh"

Sale period: From Monday, April 16 to Sunday, June 17

Is ahead of season; +*
"White peach tea" of fresh and young taste revives!

White peach is deluxe taste with full of white peaches which we put flesh of white peach in more using fragrant flavor tea from Taiwan.

As you can choose sweetness, please enjoy tea break with sweetness you like.

・White peach tea latte (with flesh) 400 yen
・Fruit bubble tea white peach tea (with a good flesh) 420 yen
・Rock salt cream white peach tea latte (with flesh) 450 yen
・White peach tea straight bubble tea 370 yen
※Tax-included price
Hot OK/ sweetness adjustment OK/ takeout is OK

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
※We sell and may be finished depending on stock early.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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