[KALDI COFFEE FARM] It is in a limited quantity on Monday, April 23! "Drip coffee & original cafe apron set"

Sale date: Monday, April 23

Limited number of sell set-only drip coffee "cafe Cal Dido lip Canat Rio" and set of "original cafe apron" of refreshing KOLOR like spring in KALDI COFFEE FARM!
Very rare Brazilian bean "Canat Rio" to touch fruit of lemon yellow
Gorgeous flavor and Balance of bean original sweetness are splendid and are recommended as present of Mother's Day.

Price: 1,296 yen (tax-included)

・Cafe Cal Dido lip Canat Rio (unit wraps for six cups)
・Original cafe apron

※Limited number of; is finished as soon as disappear
※For more details, ask the store staff.

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