[Motomachi POMPADOUR] News of new product on April 12

From Thursday, April 12

12th is sale date of "new product" every month!
We introduce new product of POMPADOUR April‼

■Roasted tea steamed bread 172 yen ※April 1 release
We wrapped bean jam containing whole beans in cloth that roasted tea was fragrant and performed topping of black soybean.

■Daily buran sand (low sugar peanut) 216 yen
In buran red of low sugar, it is sand with peanut cream. Peanut cream chose sugar off, too.

■Danish canape (basil potato, cheese bacon, corn tuna curry) 226 yen
It is side dish Danish of crunchy texture.

■Soybean milk creamy roll 108 yen
Roll bread which wrapped soybean milk cream in bread with soybean milk cream. It features the softness that we did softly and body of soybean milk cream.

※Price is all tax-included price.

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