[Motomachi POMPADOUR] News of new product on March 12

From Monday, March 12

12th is sale date of "new product" every month!
We introduce new product of POMPADOUR March‼

■Bagel roasted tea 194 yen
We wrapped white chocolate in bagel of fragrant roasted tea. bankan full is accent faintly.

■Peach cream Danish 270 yen
It is slightly sweet-sour Danish which we put milk-flavored custard cream and white peach on.

■Modern cream bun strawberry 216 yen
Cream bread of form of strawberry which squeezed melty cream gently which strawberry jam of Tochiotome entered.

■Soybean milk France sand (thick-sliced ham cutlet) 259 yen
We caught thick-sliced ham cutlet and cabbage in soybean milk baguette of mild texture. Specially made sauce and grain mustard are decisive factors of taste.

※Price is all tax-included price.

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