[Shinjuku SABOTEN] Introduction of new product of March

We introduce new product of March of Shinjuku SABOTEN!
Hors d'oeuvre which is good to product and celebration felt spring debuts.
Please come to the store.

◆Bamboo shoot and roast roll of field mustard win
Winding felt spring when getting out Japanese style worked wins.
One 259 yen
Two 495 yen

◆Use of Hokkaido fresh milk cream croquette
Thick cream and seasonal nojako are with fatty tuna - tto!
One 194 yen
Two 370 yen

◆Spring pack
Hors d'oeuvre which is good to every celebration and home patty♪
1 pack 4,300 yen

※Price is all tax-included price.
※Image is image.

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