- end of the month is haberdashery all the stores ISP point 5 times every month for 25 days‼

Period From Sunday, March 25 to Friday, August 31

We start in March‼
Every month 25th - end of the month "reward point up DAYS on the end of the month!"
It is held this month until Saturday for from Sunday, March 25 to 31st!

From clothing to cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, ISP point is 5 times in haberdashery store all the stores‼
Furthermore, nanaco card point between the same periods is double, too!

If you are expected to pay in nanaco,
We save both ISP point and nanaco point and are advantageous in W‼

We are advantageous, and let's do shopping happily on the end of the month♪
※The public lottery, cash voucher section is excluded

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