[Mr. doughnut] Special chocolate doughnut, debut!

From Thursday, January 11
misdo meets Toshi Yoroizuka Chocolate Collection

Special chocolate doughnut only for misdoh was done.

Confidence product of chef Toshihiko Yoroizuka and Mr. doughnut 
Please appreciate Chocolate Collection.

■Croissant doughnut chocolate
(toes Ted coconut / amondokyaramerize) for each 194 yen
 You can enjoy light crunchy texture.

■Shoo chocolate (double chocolate / orange / almond) for each 183 yen
 Please taste discerning mellow chocolate to one's heart's content.

■Chullo chocolate Rose flavor 151 yen
 We decorate in Rose-flavored glaze of refined flavor and white chocolate, strawberry crunch.

※Price is all tax-included price.

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