[GINZA Cozy Corner] Under Halloween-limited product release

Halloween product is now on sale in GINZA Cozy Corner!
Halloween-limited product of pretty package
We offer.
It is good to present and party of Halloween♪

① Petit gift (with five kinds of 12) 540 yen
Madeline and strawberry Madeline, marshmallow,
Halloween-limited petit gift which assorted candy.

② Fun bag (with nine kinds of 25) 1,080 yen
Madeline and cookies, marshmallow,
Fun bag which assorted candy.
It is party pack to distribute to everybody, and to be able to enjoy.

③ Pumpkin (with four kinds of nine) 918 yen
Of leading role Jack o lantern of Halloween
In pretty package cookies and marshmallow,
We assorted candy.

※Price is all tax-included price.

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