Automatic foreign currency changemaker is available

Automatic foreign currency changemaker was introduced into ISP.

We can change 12 currencies into Japanese Yen
It supports four languages of Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
We can easily operate in touch panel

●Use time: From 6:00 to 22:00

●Setting place: In front of brick street cafe GINZA Tricolore

●Available currency:
 ①The U.S. dollar
 ②The euro
 ④The dollar of Taiwan
 ⑤Hong Kong dollar
 ⑥Bhat of Thailand
 ⑦Korean Wong
 ⑧British pound
 ⑨Australian dollar 
 ⑩The dollar of Singapore
 ⑪Ringgit of Malaysia
 ⑫Rupiah of Indonesia

※The receipt of money of foreign currency is only paper money.

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